oooo weee….Common & Maxwell!

On Saturday, I was fortunate enough to attend the Common and Maxwell Concert at the SleepTrain Pavillion in Concord. I wish that everyone would have had a chance to see this spectacular concert! Chrisette Michelle opened up for these two great artists and I was looking forward to seeing her perform live. Unfortunately, we missed her performance because there was so much traffic getting into the parking lot. After we parked, we made our trek to the SleepTrain Pavillion and found our seats at the  beginning of Common’s set.




When we walked in, Common was rocking the crowd with some of his hits off of the Finding Forever album. The crowd was dancing and singing along while Common danced and performed on stage. At one point, he even started to break dance!



That little small ant in the picture is Common! hah This is the closest that my camera would zoom. I definitely need a new point and shoot camera.  Common sang “Love of My Life”, which is one of my favorite songs and finished his set off with his songs from his Universal Mind Control album.

During the intermission, we took a bathroom break and went to get some yummy garlic fries. This is the line for the women’s bathroom!

Crazy line!

Crazy line!

After I scarfed down my garlic fries, Maxwell came out and I was so impressed by the stage sets. Here is the opening set before Maxwell came out.


It was four screens with underwater shots. The screens spread apart to reveal white cloths draped along the back of the stage and a full band. The set, the lighting, the band and Maxwell all looked very classy and sophisticated. The stage sets changed for every song and each set was an amazingly sexy setting to match Maxwell’s voice and lyrics. I was so happy to hear Maxwell sing his old songs like “Fortunate”, “Sumthin’ Sumthin'”, “Lifetime” and “Get to Know Ya”. During “This Woman’s Work”, the screens came down again and created a beautiful heart pattern that grew as he sang this moving song.



Maxwell also just released a new album called BLACKsummers’night and he sang his singles from it “Bad Habits” and “Pretty Wings of Love”. I absolutely love “Pretty Wings of Love” and it was so great to hear it performed live in an outdoor venue with perfect night time weather. If you have not heard this song yet, check this link out with the official video:

Here’s the official video for Bad Habits, which features Kerry Washington:



Maxwell closed the show by singing “Ascension” and the crowd was on their feet and singing along.  It was a great night and we were so lucky that it didn’t rain. Going to this concert made me excited for my next concert…hopefully it will be soon! This was my first time at the SleepTrain Pavillion and I really liked it. I bet it would be great to go this venue again during the summer. Raphael Saddiq is coming to the Fox Theatre in Oakland on November 18th but I won’t be able to make it. Hopefully some of you will get to check out his concert! I hear he is amazing live!


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