Getting ready for Union Design Festival!

Tomorrow is the Union Design Festival and I am very very excited! Unfortunately I have been a bit under the weather so it’s been a bit rough trying to focus on getting all my Melinda Mae bags ready. I wanted to give all of you a view into my “studio” as it usually gets when I am getting ready for a show.





As you can see, it’s a mess of fabric, measuring tapes, pins, scissors and thread. But don’t worry, it all eventually transforms into beautiful Melinda Mae handbags. =)

Here is also a sneak preview of the new bags that I made for the Union Design Festival.



Well I hope some of you will be able to make it to Union Design Festival in Hayes Valley SF. I am so excited to see all of the other designers and the amazing products that they have created. says it will be about 56-59 degrees tomorrow so bring your jackets, scarves, beanies and bundle up! I won’t be bringing my white canopy this time so look for the Melinda Mae bags atop white clothed tables. The festival is FREE and will be from 11am – 6pm.  I’ll be at booth #118 on Octavia and Linden! Hope to see you tomorrow!

For more info on the Union Design Festival, please go to


One thought on “Getting ready for Union Design Festival!

  1. SheShe says:

    Ahh your palace of fine fabric! And I have my palace of yarn! haha 😀

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