Melinda Mae Fan Appreciation and Discount Code!

One of the things that I love about creating my Melinda Mae handbags business is seeing Melinda Mae customers loving their Melinda Mae handbags! I have collected a few photos of satisfied customers with their Melinda Mae handbags and I want to share them with you! Please send me more photos if you would like to share pictures of you and your Melinda Mae handbags! Please email your photos to and for sending me your photo, I will send you a DISCOUNT code to be used on the any Melinda Mae handbag! yay! Thanks to those who have already sent photos and here some of them!

Phoenix Dance Company!

Phoenix Dance Company!


Melinda Mae handbag in Seattle!

Melinda Mae handbag in Seattle!









If you’d like to see more, please join the Melinda Mae Facebook fanpage at I will be posting all of the fan pictures there! Thanks to all of you who have sent photos already or posted them on the Facebook fanpage!

And don’t forget to come by the Union Design Festival on Sunday, October 11th in San Francisco from 11am – 6pm. I will be selling my new Melinda Mae clutches and wristlets. Hope you can make it! For more info, go to my past post, Union Design Festival 10/11/09!


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