Union Design Festival 10/11/09

Union Design Festival

Union Design Festival

The Union Design Festival is coming soon on Sunday, October 11th from 11am – 6pm in Hayes Valley (Octavia and Hayes) in San Francisco! I have participated in this festival before and I have loved it every time. It is a great atmosphere to celebrate 130 independent designers and artists. The designers are screened and carefully selected to be a part of this festival and I feel so honored that Melinda Mae was picked again! =)

Every year, there is a DJ playing music while hundreds of trendy folks come to shop through all of the amazing products.  I am always tempted to buy new jewelry, t-shirts and artwork. Last time, I was so excited to try on some t-shirts, that I accidentally dropped my sweater into one of the bins. I bought the t-shirt and headed back to my booth. When I realized that I had forgotten my sweater, I ran to the t-shirt booth only to find someone trying to buy my sweater! hahaha

This year, I will be at booth #118, specifically on Octavia and Linden. I hope you can find me amongst the crowd! I will be bringing my white canopy so look for the white canopy, white tablecloths and Melinda Mae handbags! =)

Hayes Valley is also a great place to stroll around after you finish shopping at the festival. Some of my favorite places to go in and near Hayes Valley are Frjtz Gourmet Belgian Fries and Bar Crudo.

Frijtz Gourmet Belgian Fries
is located at 581 Hayes Street and has delicious fries with some very unique dipping sauces. Last time, I ordered the mussels and fries…..mmmmm….The sauces we tried were the white truffle artichoke ketchup, thai chili ketchup and curry ketchup. I like fries, but I like dipping sauces even more! Hopefully you can stop in for a fries snack as a shopping break. hehe

Bar Crudo
is farther away and located on 655 Divisadero, which is a relatively new location. We celebrated my cousin’s birthday there and I was blown away by the freshness of the raw fish. Here are some photos to tempt you.







Bar Crudo is also where I took this great shot of a Melinda Mae handbag. =)

Hopefully I’ll see some of you at the Union Design Festival! Thanks to those who came out to support me at the Spirit of Japantown Festival last weekend! Don’t forget…Booth #118! See you soon!

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