Rock Make Festival SF


This past Sunday, I went to the 2nd Annual Rock Make Festival in San Francisco. I love going to vendor shows to check out all of the great independent artists and their amazing products. The Rock Make Festival stretched down Treat Street between 17th and 18th. There were band areas on each end of the festival and about 50 vendors selling their innovative products between the band areas.


IMG_1977 As I strolled through the festival, there were a lot of vintage-looking items, jewelry, belts, handbags, dresses, t-shirts, baby clothing, flipflops and much more. I even picked up a great vintage dress for $20! And some great earrings!


ooh...I love the design on the hem of the dress and the mandarin collar! And only $20!

i love the simple elegance of these earrings!

i love the simple elegance of these earrings!

At one end of the fair, there were these guys printing designs on clothing on the spot! I saw someone take off the sweater she was wearing so they could print a huge gold skull design on the spot!



ooo...the finished product!

ooo...the finished product!

Next to that guy was another guy who was using a screen and paint to put this great design on a t-shirt.IMG_1979


I had a great time at Rock Make. If you didn’t get a chance to go this year, check it out next year!

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