Name that Bag CONTEST!

Hey all! I’ve decided to get some help from all of you to name some of my new Melinda Mae bags! And what’s even better than making it into a contest! So every once in a while, I will be posting some of my bags with new fabrics and I’ll be giving away that specific bag to the person who comes up with the most clever name for the bag! All you have to do is leave a comment with your suggested name by the deadline and I will announce the winner that night!

So since this is the very first contest, I am starting with a new wristlet that I made. This contest will go until 5pm on Monday, August 10th. I will announce the winner that night and send them their very own Melinda Mae wristlet!

Here you go! Start naming!

Name that Bag #1!

Name that Bag #1!

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5 thoughts on “Name that Bag CONTEST!

  1. Bert Chang says:

    The first thing that came to mind from looking at this bag was a memory taking me back to my childhood days. Back then, I would have to find ways to pass my time “sans-internet”. One such occasion involved a japanese friend of mine whom had brought over a bag of colorful stationary supply paper and an instuctional origami book. The illustrative book taught the both of us how to fold paper cranes, flowers, boxes, etc. Using the brightly colored and patterned paper, we ended up folding away our entire day and exhausting the stack perfectly square stationary.

    At first glance, I noticed that the patterns inside each flora were similar to those referenced by my past origami experience. Hence, I would like to suggest the bag be named the “Florigami Tote”.

  2. suz says:

    maybe do a line with a theme to it… like “I’m Cute”, “I’m Naughty”, “I’m Glamorous”, “I’m Adorable”, “I’m Serious”, etc.

    Kinda like the Belen Enchandia line…

  3. Jonathan says:

    how ’bout… “Petals A-Plenty”

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