SheShe PDC Workshop!

SheShe_FlyerBefore I established Melinda Mae handbags, I was a part of an amazing dance family called Phoenix Dance Company (PDC). Being a dancer in PDC was one of the most challenging, yet exciting times of my life. I met some of the most talented, fun, creative and loving people that I know.  So when I found out that one of my PDC alumni friends, SheShe, was teaching a PDC workshop, I had to go!

SheShe Angeles!

SheShe Angeles!

I haven’t danced with Phoenix in over 2 years, so I knew my body would not enjoy the shock of quick movements and intricate choreography. But SheShe’s choreography was fabulous as I knew it would be. SheShe used “The Seed 2.0” by the Roots from the Phrenology Album. I love that song…such a great song to groove to.

Thanks SheShe for awesome choreo!

Thanks SheShe for awesome choreo!

So check out SheShe’s choreo below and if you are interested in taking a PDC workshop, go to PDC hosts dance workshops on the last Friday of every month. Enjoy!

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One thought on “SheShe PDC Workshop!

  1. SheShe says:

    melinda! thank u for the the props, it means a lot but, it’s all luv when people dance. i was very happy to have you come to my class. it’s been a long time for both of us on the dance floor but, i’m glad u had fun! it was quite an experience coming back from a break from dance and i just wanted it to be something everyone can at least groove to and have fun with. ~ many thanks again. 😀

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