Purse Party anyone?

Summer is here and this is the perfect time for me to try new designs, find new fabrics and do some research for Melinda Mae. It is also the perfect time for me to set up Melinda Mae Purse Parties!

What is a Melinda Mae Purse Party? A Melinda Mae Purse Party is where I come to your house and bring all of my purses/handbags/totes/clutches/wristlets to you and your friends! You can invite anyone you’d like and can be a great time for you to hang out and catch up with your friends. At the purse party, I can also bring swatches of all the fabrics that I have so your friends and family can place custom Melinda Mae handbag orders!

What makes a successful Melinda Mae Purse Party? 1) Be sure to invite your friends via evite/emails a few weeks in advance so they can make plans to be there. Make sure to send reminder emails so they don’t forget! 2) Provide light snacks/appetizers and refreshments. Who doesn’t love to eat and shop? 3) Have fun!

How much does it cost for me to host a Melinda Mae Purse Party? It is FREE! Who doesn’t love FREE? heheh Just set up a date and time with me and I will come to you!

Why would I want to host a Melinda Mae Purse Party? Not only will you be setting up a fun time for your friends and family to shop for Melinda Mae bags, you will also be providing a great networking and social setting for them. Also, as the host of a Melinda Mae party, you will receive a FREE Melinda Mae handbag of your choice!

How do I set up a Melinda Mae Purse Party? Simply contact me at info@melinda-mae.com and we can discuss the location, dates and times. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me.

Please also visit my website at www.melinda-mae.com to see new products, upcoming shows and links to other independent small business owners!

Here are some photos of past Melinda Mae purse parties!

Melinda Mae Handbags on display

Melinda Mae Handbags on display


Satisfied Melinda Mae customers!

Satisfied Melinda Mae customers!

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2 thoughts on “Purse Party anyone?

  1. nick leung says:

    Have you thought about setting up a site to sell your hand made purses or thought about distribution to local merchants? You seem to have a good business going.

    • Hey Nick! Thanks for your comments. I actually already have a website set up. Please check it out at http://www.melinda-mae.com
      I am hoping to get into stores soon but I haven’t been able to make a good connection with any store owners yet. Thanks for the compliments though. Let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback! Thanks!
      -Melinda Mae

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