I heart Wong Fu!

I’m sure you have already heard of Wong Fu Productions. If you haven’t, where have you been? haha jk Wong Fu Productions is a group of three extremely talented and creative guys (Phil, Wes & Ted) who have been making amazing films, shorts and music videos. They have a huge following and have been chosen to show their films at Cannes Film Festival and various independent film festivals. Luckily for me, I actually met Phil when I was in college at UCSD. Through Phil, I then met Wes and Ted. I am so proud of these guys and they really are the most humble fellas you will ever meet. About a year ago, I gave them one of my Melinda Mae handbags and to my surprise, this is what they created.

I was and still am so honored to be a part of one of their shorts. And I have had many people contact me to see if I still make that bag…and YES I do…so please let me know if you’re interested in it. =)

I can’t say enough about these guys. They continue to amaze me with their creativity, humor, talent, attentiveness to their fans and sincerity. They have also been working with FarEast Movement to put on the International Secret Agents (ISA) concerts to highlight other Asian Pacific Islander artists, dancers and musicians.  I attended their 2nd ISA concert at the Palace of Fine Arts this past March. I was so excited to see the sold out crowd and enjoy FarEast Movement, Jin, Project Em, Paul Dateh, Passion and a preview of new Wong Fu shorts and videos.

ISA Concert - March 2009

ISA Concert - March 2009

Jin - ISA Concert March 2009

Jin - ISA Concert March 2009

They’re putting on another ISA concert in LA soon so look out for that or check out their website: www.wongfuproductions.com You’ll also find all of their videos, t-shirts, merchandise and their blog. Here are just some of my favorite Wong Fu shorts:

This one is my favorite because it has all three of the guys (Phil, Wes and Ted) in it and I love Phil’s facial expressions. haha

So if you haven’t watched any of their shorts, films or videos, set aside a few hours to view some of them. I love all of them!  And Congratulations to Wong Fu Productions for being interviewed by KTSF and CNN and being featured as one of the 30 Most Influential Asian Americans under 30 by Angry Asian Man!

OMG! Is that Phil admiring a Melinda Mae handbag? =)

OMG! Is that Phil admiring a Melinda Mae handbag?

Like I said, these guys are super humble and I am glad that I still get to hang out with Phil once in awhile, even though we are inevitably interrupted by an adoring fan. And of course, he is always willing to take a picture and thank them for being fans.

Lots of love and respect for Wong Fu Productions for always being so supportive of other small business owners, designers, artists, musicians, actors/actresses and others pursuing their dreams while staying true to themselves. What more can I say, I heart Wong Fu! =)

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One thought on “I heart Wong Fu!

  1. nick leung says:

    Wow! These guys are getting famous now!

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