Oh so soulful…


Paramount Theatre - Oakland, Ca

Paramount Theatre - Oakland, Ca

Last night, I was fortunate to see Musiq Soulchild and Anthony Hamilton in concert at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland. The Paramount Theatre is breathtaking and there is not a bad seat in the place. I arrived early because I heard that Goapele was opening and she did! How amazing to watch three great soulful artists, one after the other! Goapele was beautiful, as usual. Unfortunately, she only played for about 30 minutes but I was still giddy since I wasn’t expecting to see her. Musiq Soulchild performed next and came out in a nice slick white outfit and had the crowd singing along and dancing in their seats. Besides the distracting back-up dancers, I enjoyed Musiq’s performance and was excited to see what Anthony Hamilton was going to do. Anthony Hamilton was also great! Unfortunately, he had hurt himself a couple days before so he spent the whole time limping and using a cane. I felt bad for him because you could tell that he really wanted to dance while he was singing!  Anthony Hamilton also had people dancing in the aisles and his voice was so powerful live. Listening him sing “Can’t Let Go”, “Point of It All” and “Charlene” was extremely moving. I had to just sit back and admire his soulful voice. He finished his set with “Cool” and had the crowd on their feet and singing along with him.  Wow…what an amazing concert. Hmm…who should I see next? =) 



Anthony Hamilton groovin' with the crowd

Anthony Hamilton groovin' with the crowd


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