Playing in SF =)


i heart SF!

i heart SF!


This past week, I was lucky enough to hang out in San Francisco, partly for work, but also for fun! It was cold in the city but still great to roam around the city and take some shots of good food and explore. I threw my camera into my Melinda Mae bag and I was ready to go! 

Britex Fabrics: I made sure to stop by this fabric store on Geary in Union Square. I was hoping to find some good deals to make some nice Melinda Mae bags with, but I was unable to find any good deals. The store is four stories high and has a variety of fabrics. There is even a whole floor with just notions! Unfortunately, I left empty-handed. =( 


mmmm...Golden Gate Bakery egg tarts!

mmmm...Golden Gate Bakery egg tarts!


Chinatown: Of course I had to stroll over to Chinatown for some yummy cheap food! I stopped by Golden Gate Bakery for some delicious egg tarts. I can eat egg tarts all day long! We also picked up a ridiculous amount of dim sum. We grabbed the dim sum to go and ate it in the park on Clay, where all the older chinese men are playing mah-jong in the park. We ate pork buns, sui-mai, ha-gow, deen-doi, fried chicken wings and anything else that was greasy and good. We didn’t finish it all…so we had yummy dim sum as snacks for the rest of the trip. We also had congee one day…mmm…congee with roast duck is so good. =) And if you have ever had a chinese donut, you’ll know that thing is leaking with oil, but it’s so good!


Fisherman's Grotto

Fisherman's Grotto

Fisherman’s Wharf: I also headed down to Fisherman’s Wharf and enjoyed crab and a clam chowder bowl! mmmmmm….amazing. I just wish my stomach was bigger so I could eat more.


mmm...clam chowder in a bread bowl

mmm...clam chowder in a bread bowl

Japantown: I love Japantown! I also love the yummy crepes that you can get at Sophie’s Crepes. Mmm….they have a wide variety of combinations which can include nutella, strawberries, kiwi, banana, ice cream, eggs and much more. I always get the strawberries with vanilla ice cream, whip cream and chocolate. Amazing! 

ooo crepe goodness

ooo crepe goodness

If you’re in Japantown, stop by the Kinokuniya bookstore. There are a lot of really unique books and toys. 

Academy of Sciences: Who knew the Academy of Sciences was so hip? I love the Academy of Sciences, especially the aquarium. But I have never been to the Academy of Sciences NightLife, which is their Thursday night series of DJs or live bands. There were so many people there, all dressed up like they were at a club/bar. And it was weird seeing people holding alcohol as they looked at all the exhibits. haha Next to the Planetarium, there was a DJ playing house beats and a guy drumming next to him. It was so awesome and everyone was dancing and having a great time. It’s only $10 to go on Thursday nights and $8 if you are a member. Unfortunately, it only goes until 10pm but it’s still worth it to see how hip the museum can get. =)


IMG_1494 I was also able to see my favorite things at the aquarium. I love two animals just because their names make me laugh: lumpsucker and the nudibranch. =) Makes me laugh every time. 

Well, hopefully you’ll get a chance to head out to SF and check out these great spots. Oh and make sure you go on an empty stomach. =) I’m sure I’ll be heading up again sometime soon to get some more good food. Next time, I’m buying a dozen egg tarts!


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