oh Japan (sigh)…I want to go back!

So a friend of mine found a deal to Tokyo from SFO at the end of June that is only $450 ROUND TRIP. That is ridiculous, but I guess it makes sense to be so cheap since it will be super hot  and humid during that time. I would love to go  because I loved Tokyo, but I can’t go during that time. =( I went last January and I had the most awesome time, especially since it was my very first trip to Asia.  I loved the food, the toys, the buildings, the shopping, the polite people and overall, I just wish I had more time there. More specifically, I wish I had more time to go fabric shopping there! One of my friends just came back from Japan and she was nice enough to pick up some fabric for me. I love the fabrics from Japan. The prints are so beautiful, there are a lot of fabrics with cute characters, the fabric is thicker and the fabrics look great on my handbags. =) The Kimono fabrics are lovely, too, and there are many fabrics with cherry blossom prints, which I love!

So I wanted to share a couple photos of my Tokyo trip last year.  I did my research of the best fabric stores before we went and I was lucky to find someone who had posted exact directions and photos on how to get to Tomato, an 8-story building of fabric! So I jumped on the Yamanote Line and got off at the Nippori stop. After eating some burgers at MosBurger for energy, we went on a hunt for fabric. Along the way, there were a bunch of notion shops and small fabric stores. And then we saw it….TOMATO!

Tomato - Nippori, Tokyo

Tomato - Nippori, Tokyo

Not only is Tomato 8 stories high, but it also has a smaller store connected to it too! So we jumped from floor to floor until I found the floor with the bargain fabrics. There were rolls and rolls of fabrics in such great bold colors. To me, fabric is like a drug. So when I saw all that fabric, my heart stopped and my eyes widened. I was so excited that I didn’t know where to start. But I just jumped in and starting digging through all the amazing fabrics. Even though I hoarded many rolls of fabric, the employees and customers were still very nice to me. I bought meters and meters of fabric. I would have bought more, but I had to hold on to all the fabric for the rest of the day walking around Tokyo. Trust me, next time, I’m bringing a giant empty luggage to fill up! But I am happy with what I bought and I have been making many handbags from these fabrics that I was able to bring back home.

Lookie what I got!

Lookie what I got!

What an amazing experience to be in Tokyo! I can’t wait to go back again and eat all the yummy mochi, ramen and fresh sushi! I will have to save a whole week to post about all the things I experienced in Japan. Hopefully, you will get a chance to go to Tokyo if you haven’t been there already…but if you go, can you bring me back some fabric? heheh =)


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