Asian Heritage Street Celebration

DSC_0183 This past Saturday, I sold my Melinda Mae handbags at the 5th Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration. It was my first time selling my handbags at this fair, but I will definitely be applying to participate again. The celebration was huge and there were vendors, food, live music, health information and much more. I was lucky to be placed next to my friends at A Hui Hou hawaiian jewelry, where we shared capri suns and sunscreen. I was expecting the weather to be cool and breezy as it usually is in San Francisco. Unfortunately for us, it was burning hot! We arrived at 8:30am and it was already really hot. I really liked that my booth was next to one of the stages so we were able to enjoy a cover band and Lyrics Born while selling Melinda Mae handbags.  It was great to chat with all of the friendly people that stopped by the booth and I saw these cute dogs while I was selling too! DSC_0209

Thank you to all of those who stopped by and came to check out my new wristlets. =)  My next show will be on June 20th at the JCYC Community Center in San Francisco Japantown ( I hope you can make it!


One thought on “Asian Heritage Street Celebration

  1. karen says:

    haha. cool! Love the site….Im near San Jose so that is pretty cool. getting the lay of the land for this trip, then Im coming back in July for another lay of the land and then I am back in town permenantly in august. hee hee. the weather is really nice here….

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